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Thank you for showing interest in publishing a guest post. We are here to ignite the fire of writing and encourage passionate writers to contribute to Global Business Feed.

Global Business Feed strives to disseminate a copious amount of information catering to all sectors of life. It is a multi-media global platform that is used to share information pertaining to all fields of life.

The Benefits

Guest posting creates a win-win situation for both the guest blog contributors and website owners. As owners, we get to publish high-quality content tailored to our target audience. While as a guest blog contributor you get quality backlinks from trusted websites along with referral traffic and branding for your website.

  • Global Business Feed has a massive audience that is increasing steadily – guarantees exposure and recognition. 
  • Added SEO Benefits – our articles get indexed within hours.
  • We do not charge for your articles – If you are a professional writer interested in guest blogging for us, please contact us with some writing samples. 

The Topics

We are a global multi-media platform which makes us less picky about the topic of the article we publish. 

  • Your article must be at least 600 words in length so we have something substantial to offer to our readers. 
  • Avoid watered-down content, because honestly, who wants to waste time skimming through fluff? 
  • You can find the list of topics we feature in our articles in our “categories” section for reference.

We welcome fresh ideas from enthusiastic writers. Since these topics are open-ended, they give you the freedom to write about what interests you.

Submission Guidelines

Please use the contact form to send us your article ideas/ topics. Mention your website and share links to your previously published articles. If you have already prepared an article for us, please share it with us using a Google Doc link.

Things to keep in mind 

  • All guest posts must be original, unpublished. This means no copy-pasting and NO plagiarism.
  • The guest posts must be useful, engaging, and relevant to our audience.
  • Make sure you conduct thorough research and cite sources before submitting your article.
  • We do not entertain self-promotional guest posts or articles including marketing links.
  • Please submit a 2-3 sentence author bio along with a couple of links to the author’s website or blog.

Please remain patient as it may take a while to sift through the numerous applications that we receive. We try to reply ASAP and usually respond within 5 business days. Unfortunately, you only get a response from us if our editorial team likes your article idea/article. If you haven’t gotten a reply from us within 15 days, your request may have been rejected.

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