India is the house of 130 crores population. A massive amount of medical support is required to meet the demands of the people adequately. High demands mean a high workforce is required. In between the oscillation of man supply and demands, who is on the winning end? Let us find out who is the top medical equipment manufacturer in 2021.

The Indian market has a decent fourth rank in about all the markets of the world. The economy flourishes like anything. In terms of medical equipment production, It is placed among the world’s top 20 medical equipment production countries.

Global business feed 

How is the medical market related to the overall economy of the nation?  To make the evaluation, there are two periods in the history from 2014-2018 and a forecast from 2018-2022.

The growth in the historic period resulted from high increasing demands amongst the older people and a high rising economy. It was negatively affected because of the lack of reimbursement of the treatment among the patients.

The increase in chronicity and certain advancements have cause to expect the growth of the equipment market. The factor that can interfere with the growth can be the problem in the manufacturer’s investments, the patient’s lack of economy, avoidance of paying a high charge for the treatment, which can be required for the maintenance of the high-quality equipment.

What about the forecast then??

The global business feed can be improved by collaboration, expanding the business through various other branches, and many other strategies should be raised to enhance the market growth trends. The clinic, hospitals, diagnostic centers constitute among the large market base for the global business. The few industries which contribute to the business are:

Abbott laboratories are the oldest manufacturing company which has been established in 1910. They provide a great range of healthcare products, and medical devices have about $22 billion in sales across many countries globally. It manufactures, markets and trades well for enhancing healthcare and wellness. To learn more, please visit

Johnson & Johnson: is rooted to be a 70-year-old company Johnson and Johnson has contributed a huge chunk to the health care industry, and it’s been flourishing through the global business feed in the trading world. Products ranging from medical devices that address ailments like hernia, cancer, etc., which indicate surgery, also from pharmaceuticals to sanitization, have provided them all. They have been the trendsetter of the medical equipment manufacturing market. Would you please visit for more information?

Medical equipment production revolves around a broad range of products

  • Medical equipment such as pacemakers and machinery
  • Dental materials, to physical therapy equipment 
  • Disposing products like a mask, syringe needle, surgical gowns, caps, etc.
  • Consumable products like medicines, tonics, supplements.
  • Diagnostic equipment such as x-ray machine, cone beam computed tomography, Computed tomography machine.

India has the leading producer of all such equipment. But production in the nation is less as compared to the import. Most of the equipment is produced and imported, which causes the prices to shoot. 

Do we need to import equipment?

  • The government seriously needs to address all the issues regarding the manufacturing procedures to meet the increasing demands.
  • There should be appropriate training and courses for the people to get experience and learning for such production. 
  • The small sectors should have more opportunities.
  • There is a recent 18% GST which should be less to enhance the in-house production.
  • The funds should be provided.
  • Easy and flexible EMI options for the loan and credits should be provided.

Make in India

All along with it in the recent global pandemic, the supply-demand has reached higher than sky limits. The supply of ventilator and PPE kits has increased the demand for the workforce.

The recent MAKE IN INDIA movement has led to the improvement and has proven beneficial for small-scale companies and commoners to bring their local products into the markets.

It has encouraged all the low-scale companies to make investments and upgrade their production, thus fulfilling the skyrocketing demands of goods in the market.

This has helped the small and new companies to showcase their skills and take the country ahead to meet the foreign demands.

On the other hand, India still has some companies marking silver lining to these underlying issues. The companies which top the list are

  • Centinel surgical suture limited

The company established itself on June 20, 1995, and they found recognition in the year of July 20, 1995. Their work involves trading, import, export of monofilament, multifilament suture, and other material. They match with the European pharmacies. You can contact them by visiting

  • Poly Medicure Ltd 

It is a manufacturing company which has more than 125 products sale. They are experts in CAD-CAM and other machinery having sales of 688cr. Being the largest manufacturing company in India, they continue producing high-quality products. You can check it on

  • Opto circuit Ltd

Counts on being the top manufacturing company in India. They top the Bombay stock exchange as well as the national stock exchange. Successfully marketing and distributing the vital signs monitoring and the vascular treatment check machinery of advanced technologies. For more information, visit

  • Siemens Ltd

Being the most renowned company for imaging and diagnosing machinery, MRI, CBCT, CT. They have been a leading company for over 170 years, helping healthcare workers contribute to the health care system

  • Allied medical Ltd 

Established in 1982, it has helped the society by collecting equipment by manufacturing own goods and machines, causing a successful reduction of import supply. Production of life-saving ventilators, anesthesia machines are drastically done by them. To contact, please visit this website

  • Paramount surgimed Ltd

It has done some applauding work for the wellness society. They had contributed by the production of surgipads, underpass, masks. Exporting their products to over 80 countries and having 400 distributors in the country. To have insight, please visit

Medical equipment demand in covid -19

  • The demands have significantly increased in the global pandemic, affecting the medical equipment manufacturing industry severely. The procedure for the machine production and undergoing strenuous trials has to be complete for universal approval for the use.
  • Funding issues have also risen as companies are struggling to raise money for higher production.
  • The hugely affected production is off the ventilator, and the PPE industry has been suffering the greatest production demand. The pressure of production of the pure water pressurization for the compression in the cylinders has proved to be challenging for the companies.
  • There has been a drastic delay in importing and exporting the machinery because of its requirement in their parent country.

How is it affecting the Indian economy?

India is currently at 37% of rank expects to reach $50 billion in 2025 from $10 billion in 2020. Counting all the small sectors to all the multinational companies, India has ranked amongst the top 20 in the medical equipment manufacturing market. To achieve it, India is towards more checking and checking off the medical equipment manufacturer and helping the dealers with the export licensing.

Future of medical equipment sector

The country needs to reduce its dependency on the import of equipment and start production on its own. Funding should be appropriately provided as it the major source for the production companies. Vivid schemes should be at the launch to promote and motivate the producers to develop the machinery. More emphasis should be available to get all the possible permission for conducting the exports.


The manufacturing companies have also been a boon for India’s medical facility as they are one of the companies that closely work with patients, doctors, hospitals, and other diagnostic centers. Amidst the crises, they are trying to produce quality equipment and making them available at the necessary centers.


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