7 Top Drilling Equipment Manufacturers in India

The Indian energy/utility industry has undergone a paradigm shift in the last decade. Multiple government policies are being framed to encourage oil and gas firms and contribute to Indian economic growth. Drilling Equipment manufacturers fall under this category.

Government policies like HELP, NELP, OALP, and many more aim to promote energy/utility drilling and exploration in India, all the while incentives to the companies. 

Narendra Modi has addressed some drilling issues in his energy conference in 2015. He asked industrialists to slash the dependence on oil and gas imports by 15% in the coming seven years. 

However, drilling accidents in recent times have brought the complete focus on deploying drilling equipment from the right drilling equipment manufacturers. 

In this blog, let us figure out which are the top 7 drilling equipment companies in India!

Top Drilling Equipment Manufacturers in India

Let us, now quickly. Look at some of the leading drilling equipment companies established in India:

  1. Jindal Drilling & Industries Ltd:  

Jindal Drilling is one of the trusted global leaders in the field of drilling manufacturing in India. The first vision of the company is to be globally recognized as an offshore drilling manufacturer and provider in the Oil and Gas sector.

This firm operates under the umbrella of the D.P. Jindal Group Drilling Division. JDI has 25 years of operational experience and working expertise in the oil to gas sector. 

  1. BHEL

State-run Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited is a global engineering enterprise that provides the best and quality drilling equipment worldwide. The vision of the company is to offer the best utility solution for a better tomorrow.

BHEL is a trusted supplier of drilling rigs and equipment to numerous oil and gas companies. BHEL has delivered 84 Land rigs to State-owned ONGC Ltd. & OIL India Ltd. BHEL also carries out repair and upgrades of drilling equipment.

  1. John Energy Ltd

John Energy Ltd. was established over 20 years ago in India and became the largest drilling tools manufacturers in India. The company is known for its drilling manufacturing, offshore drilling, natural gas compression, and conditioning solutions.

The firm owns and operates a rig fleet of 34 rigs, including 19 drilling tools, 15 work-over rigs, multiple gas compression, and conditioning equipment. 

  1. Dynamic Drilling & Services

This company is one of the leading drilling equipment manufacturers, which offers high-quality drilling services to the energy/utilities sector.

The drilling suppliers and experts are committed to offering quality equipment manufacturing services. Dynamic Drilling Ltd is certified with ISO 9001, 14001 & 18001 certifications & possesses a combined work experience of 200 years. 

  1. Askara

Askara was established in 1992 with the combined efforts of Arun & Rashmi Karle. The company aimed to keep the Indian market up-to-date and updated knowledge of technical advancements.

Since then, the Askara Group of Industries decided to produce a wide range of specialized products for the energy/utility industry to improve drilling production and the efficiency of drilling operations.

  1. Mercator Limited

Mumbai-based Mercator Limited is a leading name amongst the drilling equipment manufacturers in India. It has become one of the largest producers of drilling tools and energy-focused conglomerates.

It has proved its significant presence in the upstream sector by drilling tool manufacturing and project execution services. Mercator has years of experience producing drilling equipment, floating production units, & other critical oilfield equipment. 

  1. Aban Offshore

Chennai-based Aban offshore Limited is a known name in the field of the drilling manufacturing industry. The firm has a vast amount of experience in drilling tool manufacturing.

Aban has multiple advanced drilling rigs, drilling ships, floating production facilities to operate the manufacturing process effectively. AOL is a leading manufacturer in India & uses a state-of-the-art top drive system on its drilling rolls to enhance productivity & efficiency. 

How can Drilling Equipment Manufacturers increase their productivity?

While everything has become digital, from buy to sell. The conventional system of business has taken a backseat in contributing to the growth rate of the firm.

That is why drilling equipment manufacturers in India need to choose business experience & require a progressive transition using significant and innovative growing techniques. 

Drilling manufacturers can take advantage of new and advanced policies of the government, which can help them increase drilling production and equipment efficiency.  


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