Parents view on Online Classes

This pandemic time has created a lot of stress and pressure on teachers, students, and parents. All schools and colleges are closed. In this COVID situation, many schools and colleges have opted for online classes to keep their students and staff. According to the study, moreover, 1.3 billion students are out of the classroom worldwide. Online classes pose challenges for students, teachers, and parents over technology and access, but it keeps everyone safe and busy. Different countries have various COVID-19 infection rates and shutdown protocols. There are numbers of students in 186 countries affected by lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.





As houses function concurrently as offices, living spaces, and schools, parents find them difficult. At this time, they are finding it difficult to manage various aspects of their kid’s overall growth. This article will assist you in understanding that pressure parents are feeling during online classes.

Let’s take a closer look at parents’ views on online classes in this pandemic time.

In a study by McAfee, E-learning Challenges, taken in April 2020, the following were found as the top 5 problems faced by parents with online classes:

  • Managing to teach and working from home – 33.31%
  • Managing a wake-up and bedtime schedule – 33.40%
  • Handling responsibilities and teaching – 41.83%
  • Handling daily routine – 49.26%
  • Keeping their children focused on schoolwork– 50.31%

According to the survey, some students are using own device for online classes. Some students have devices offered by the school, and some parents said that their kids use a purchased system, particularly for online classes.

  • Laptop computers – 62%
  • Tablets-40%
  • Desktop computers-25%
  • Other devices-15%

Parents are facing multiple issues with online classes such as:

Taking care of with child’s pressure and fears

Since the media and Internet are overflowed with the Covid-19 news regarding the fast expansion in cases and the loss of life, it is simple for little kids to freeze. In this condition, guardians face difficulties while tending to their kid’s feelings of trepidation and queries for the pandemic. They need to disclose everything to the kid while taking additional consideration of their passionate prosperity.

Helping kids with homework and online classes

Ensuring that kids go to the online classes according to the schedule, finish their schoolwork and send it to the teacher and get ready for the upcoming class has been a cause for stress for some guardians. Additionally, the Covid-19 pandemic has made guardians the real tuition teacher and self-teach instructors. Sadly, they find it hard to keep their kids on target and assist them with tasks. The trouble becomes double if the kids end up being in various evaluations.

Keeping children engaged

Coronavirus isn’t just an infection however a condition that is intellectually and mentally depleting. Individuals can’t socialize and meet their friends and family. Kids also think that it’s hard to adjust to the present condition. Since schools have stopped, guardians of kids are making some intense memories keeping them occupied with significant activities. The part of guardians, which has consistently been significant, is basic in the present circumstance. Numerous guardians are not comfortable with legitimate showing assets and thus, can’t educate successfully. Thus, kids are passing up a significant period of their learning excursion and general development. 

Managing behavior problems

While kids stay kept to their homes during the pandemic, they can’t meet their friends, play outside or enjoy an evening in the park. Thus, they act mischievously to vent out their dissatisfaction. Hissy fits, hostility, and expanded tenacity are a portion of the manners in which little kids may communicate their disappointment. Guardians are confronting trouble in managing this unpleasant situation to console the kids and help them adapt to the situation.

Managing healthy routines

As the pandemic delays and family and professional work burden continue expanding, guardians dismiss their ordinary everyday schedules. Therefore, kids tend to follow similar indiscriminate propensities and schedules. It has because hard for guardians to keep an exacting daily practice for their kids, with fixed occasions for dinners, considering, and resting. For little kids routinely brings welcome consistency, and they stay excited for the day. Yet, in the current circumstance, guardians can’t reestablish structure, and accordingly, kids tend to lose interest in all things and become destructive.

Guardians straightforwardly affect the education their kids get, particularly in an E-learning setting. Being a mentor at whatever stage in life and supporting the worth through difficulties can engage kids and guarantee that the effect is positive. Discovering the equilibrium as a parent among educators and individual kids can be troublesome. In any case, the individuals who can dominate the procedure will see incredible accomplishments from their rising stars.


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