5 Hygiene Tips for Safe and Healthy Pathology Lab

Hygiene is significant in every workplace. It plays a vital role in labs for both the quality and safety of outcomes. Various risks in Pathology labs involve those connected with the properties of different potentially harmful solutions utilized in the processing and examination of specimens of post-mortem, client’s samples, and accidents associated with the instrumentation and equipment employed.

Therefore, the step for the safety of pathology lab employees against ill-health and injury is a severe issue. Pathology labs work investigative analyses and examinations on patients’ post-mortem and specimen materials. During investigations procedures, the pathology lab worker uses different types of equipment and chemical reagents.   

As a result, the risk that employees in pathology labs experience includes particular risks from radiochemical, poisonous chemicals like carcinogens, pathogenic microorganisms in post-mortem specimens and patients’ samples, and everyday hazards from fire, electrical and mechanical issues.

The hazard can be caused by lack of knowledge, bad management system, poorly designed lab, and careless staff. When working with heavy-duty equipment, hazardous chemicals, and medical supplies in the pathology lab, you must pay attention to the proper care.

Lab safety is an essential concern because accidents can quickly happen when working in the lab. To avoid accidents in the pathology lab, you have to keep different safety precautions. Safety measures of the lab offer an accident-free environment.

There are different safety rules in the pathology lab, such as adequately caring for harmful chemicals, wearing protective equipment, and more. And you should follow these rules when you are in the pathology lab.

If you don’t know about safety rules and how to take care of the pathology lab, this blog will assist you. Here you can find the five best tips for a safe and healthy pathology lab.

Five tips for safe and healthy pathology labs

Handle chemicals with care  

Ø For the safe handling of chemicals, you need to read all instructions. Always use gloves when you are using chemicals in the pathology lab. 

Ø It protects you from any exposure or spills. Some safety tips for using the harmful chemical in pathology lab are given below:

Ø Avoid eye and skin contact with all chemicals in the pathology lab

Ø Minimize exposures of harmful chemicals

Ø Don’t forget to close the container after using chemicals

Ø Every container of chemical must have the correct label

Ø Unlabeled containers of chemicals should never be used

Ø Never store beverage or food where harmful chemicals stored

Ø Lab safety glasses and gloves should be worn while using any chemical

Clean pathology lab regularly to avoid biological infection and disease  

Ø Include the required practices for disposal of samples and lab wastes after examination

Ø The safety wears of the lab should be washed daily

Ø The lab safety wear should be kept separately from other clothes

Ø Clean pathology lab daily

Ø Clean all area of labs such as storage area, workbenches, and utility area

Pay attention in the pathology lab.

Ø Don’t use earphones or mobile phones in the pathology lab

Ø Operate equipment carefully

Ø Pay attention while using harmful chemicals in the lab

Ø Clean uncovered areas of the skin before exit the pathology lab

Ø Don’t work alone in a lab

Ø Every lab wear and equipment should be inspected before use

Ø Don’t use any jewelry in the lab because it can create many safety issues

Ø Keep drink and foods out of the lab

Properly care for the equipment 

Ø Handle this equipment and tools of the lab with extra care and caution

Ø Clean and sanitize all equipment regularly

Ø Always use both hands to manage equipment

Ø Educate yourself on how to use the equipment correctly

Dress code safety rules

Ø Always wear clean and washed lab clothes.

Ø Tie your hair back away from your face to avoid accidents in the lab

Ø Always use high-quality lab coats to protect yourself from toxic chemicals

Ø Use high-quality footwear that covers your foot completely

Ø When working with harmful chemicals and hazardous materials, always cover your face


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