Everything to know about OTT Platforms in India

For the first time, a new kind of entertainment giant is emerging—OTT platforms. We all have binge-watched our favorite shows during the lockdown. The content on OTT platforms is so addictive that you can connect with the characters immediately.

OTT stands for “over-the-top” and refers to anything delivered through the Internet that is not delivered primarily through a TV set; it is mainly video and audio content and services primarily provided to a mobile platform. 

In this article, we discuss everything about these platforms, and we’ll try to find out why the OTT platforms are on a roll. 

How do OTT Platforms Work?

One thing that always intrigues us as a viewer is how these OTT platforms deliver the content. The better network connection, growing internet users, and high-quality smartphones do half the job for these platforms. 

The online streaming platforms work differently on every device; for example, you need an OTT subscription and internet connection on a smartphone, then you can download the application and stream your favorite show.

On the other hand, for PCs, you need to visit the official website of these platforms. If you have a smart TV, then you’ll need a setup box to stream a show. 

“Fun Fact: Money Heist was initially a complete washout, but the tables turned when Netflix bought the show, and it went on to break every possible streaming record.” 

Examples of the Top OTT Platforms in India

Disney+ Hotstar

Disney launched this platform in November 2019, and a whopping 10 million subscriptions were made. Currently, the company claims to have 116 million subscribers

Amazon Prime

One of the best ways to keep yourself entertained is by binge-watching a show on Amazon Prime. Amazon has a firm grip on the Indian market of online streaming. 


A list of OTT platforms is incomplete without Netflix. Earlier it was an English streaming platform, but later they added a wide array of content. 

Platforms like VOOT, Zee 5, and SonyLiv are also making a mark in this field. 

“Fun Fact- Scam 1992, which is a SonyLiv show based on true incidents, is the highest rated Indian show on IMDB with a rating of 9.6 out of 10.” 

The Rise of OTT Platforms

With the rise of demand, several entertainment groups decided to launch their OTT platforms. But the reason behind this rise is the pandemic and content quality

As the movie theaters were shut, filmmakers opted to release the movies on these platforms. The availability of such platforms is what makes them unique. You can watch your favorite superstar in action from anywhere on the globe.

From March to July 2020, there was a 30% spike in the number of paid subscribers. The subscriber count went from 22 million to 29 million. 

People enjoy watching content in the regional languages, especially Hindi, as the language holds 50% viewers. 

“Fun Fact- Bridgerton is the most-streamed show of Netflix with a viewership of 82 million.”


  • Endavo

The Video Automation Distribution platform or Endavo provides video creators and brands opportunities to get a broad audience for their content. 

The creators have control over their content, and they can create whateve

r they want. They get a plethora of benefits like monetization, management, branding, etc. 

  • OTT

On the other hand, OTT is a large-scale content production platform for professional creators. It connects the creators with the audience and helps them generate revenue.

The entertainment giants are diving into it due to its great potential. 

“Fun Fact- In Game Of Thrones, Initially Iwan Rheon was offered the role of Jon Snow which was finally played by Ramsay Bolton.”

Benefits of OTT Platforms


The flexibility offered by these platforms makes it everyone’s choice. It’s easy to use, and you can watch it from the comfort of your home. The only requirement is a strong internet network.


The monthly subscription of these platforms is highly cost-friendly in comparison to the TV sets. You can watch thousands of the latest shows and movies almost at half the price of the TV cable. 

Easy to View

The ease of using these platforms is yet another reason for its growth. You can watch your favorite show or movie as many times as you want. Whether it is midnight or early morning, you can stream content on these platforms whenever you want


Whether you’re into romantic fiction or you love thriller stuff, the OTT platform has something for everyone. Recently, the quality of the content has enhanced, making it popular among the youth. 

Available on Every Device

You can watch online shows on any device, from smartphones to smart TV. The availability of these platforms on various devices is an advantage for it. 


OTT platforms are still growing, and the future looks bright for these entertainment giants. Let us know in the comments which is your favorite online show. 


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