Can the beneficiary of Life Insurance be changed?

It is very common for adults between 35 and 40 years old, especially those who have family dependents, to consider taking out life insurance. In this way, those who want to change beneficiaries of the Life Insurance will have financial resources to be able to face the death or total and permanent disability of the insured.

Undoubtedly, Life Insurance is an ideal product for those who want their loved ones to have certain financial guarantees in the event of death or other events.

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What is an insurance of life?

life insurance is a type of insurance under which the insurance company will pay certain amount of money to the beneficiaries of the life insurance -usually family or spouse of the asegurado- in case of death of the insured .

Thus, life insurance is emerging as a good product that protects assets and guarantees the necessary resources for the insured’s family in the event that the insured dies or is unable to continue working as a result of a disability or serious illness.

Difference between the policyholder, the insured and the beneficiary

The jargon used in Insurance is often complex, with terms that are often confused. However, it is essential to know which parties are involved in an insurance contract to fully understand the policy that is being contracted. An Insurance contract has three parts:

  • Policyholder : the policyholder is the policyholder, that is, the person who has contracted the Insurance and who pays the premium for it. Thus, the policyholder is the only one who can modify the data related to the direct debit of the premium or consult the information related to payments, among many other things. The policyholder and the insured are usually the same person, although they do not necessarily have to coincide.
  • Insured : the insured is the person who is protected by the insurance policy, either as a natural person or as their property and assets. Thus, the insured is the owner of the insured interest and has the essential right to collect compensation in Damage Insurance – this does not happen in Life Insurance, as is obvious.
  • Beneficiary : the beneficiary of the Insurance is the person or persons designated by the policyholder who have the right to receive the benefit that was agreed with the insurance company when contracting the Insurance. Ultimately, the beneficiaries of life insurance are the people who will receive the insured capital in the event that the insured dies or is permanently disabled.

What rights does the beneficiary have

The fundamental right that the beneficiaries of a life insurance have is the collection of the economic benefit that had been agreed with the insurance company in the policy. Thus, the beneficiary will be the one who receives the capital insured in the Life Insurance . In addition, any person has the right to consult the existence of other Insurances to be able to manage their collection, for which they must go to the Registry of Insurance Contracts with Death Coverage. However, in order to receive the sum of money, it is necessary that you meet certain conditions:

  • Expressly appear as beneficiary in the policy.
  • Pay the taxes that the collection of the Life Insurance entails . The collection of the insured capital in the Life Insurance policy is subject to Inheritance and Gift Tax. This is of vital importance, since the insurance company will only be able to make the payment of the capital insured in the policy once the beneficiary has justified having presented the settlement or self-assessment of the corresponding tax.

Can I change the beneficiary of my life insurance?

The Article 84 of the Law of the insurance contract provides that, at any time can be altered designations made to hiring an insurance policy. This means that, effectively, the beneficiary of your life insurance can be changed . However, it must be taken into account that it is the last will of the Policyholder that prevails, so that it will be the last designated beneficiary of the it who will receive the capital insured in the Insurance policy in the event of death.

There are two ways to change the beneficiary of Life Insurance:

  • Through the will : it is enough for the insured to express in his will his wish to designate a new beneficiary or change the same. In this case, it is best to have a notarized open will, as something is much less likely to be lost or misinterpreted.
  • Indicating it to the Insurance company : The Policyholder may contact the Insurance company and let them know that it is intended to change the beneficiary of the Life Insurance.

Without a doubt, the change of beneficiary of Life Insurance is a great option for those people who have family or loved ones whom they want to leave in the best possible situation in the event that they die or cannot continue to earn income.


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