Can a COVID-19 patient Be Self-Cured At Home?

In rising Covid-19 cases, the biggest question is that can a COVID-19 patient be self-cured at home. Yes, they can if a person has mild symptoms. This article is all about Covid-19 home remedies for self-cure of patients. 

There Is no need to get hospitalized; the first step is to get quarantined. Hospitalizations are essential if a person has serious infections. 

Though home treatment cannot cure COVID 19, it can help relieve the symptoms that the infected person is facing. 

Several symptoms indicate the cast of COVID 19. You can also take some help and medical advice from your doctor. 

Mainly the treatment procedure depends on the situation of the infected person. 

To get informed with the process of treatment, make sure to rely on this page. 

In this article, you will find the best and effective ways to cure COVID-positive patients at home. 

Emergency Help:

Certain symptoms will indicate that the infected patient needs proper treatment and needs to get hospitalized. 

  • If you see a difficulty in breathing, then make sure to seek emergency help.
  • It may require emergency treatment if the infected person persists in pressure or has pain in the chest.
  • Having a bluish face is a sign of emergency help.
  • If the infected person cannot stay awake or wake up, it indicates the sign to prefer emergency help. 
  • It is crucial to call ahead of the local emergency facility to inform them that you need an emergency for a positive COVID person.

Do Home Remedies work effectively?

If the case is moderate and the person has only mild cases, then the covid-19 home remedies can work effectively. 

According to the CDC, it was defined that mild illness having symptoms like fever, cough, sore throat, headache, or pain in muscle can be the sign of mild illness, and it can be treated at home. 

But if the symptoms show shortness of breath, dyspnea, and abnormal chest imaging, then it needs to seek emergency treatment or prefer hospitalization if the infected person. 

According to them, it was also defined that a person can get full recovery at home by having mild cases. It is crucial to monitor the symptoms regularly and to keep the doctor ordered. 

At home, the infected person needs to prefer the doctor’s instructions about what to do and what to intake. 

There are  certain actions that the infected person should prefer: 

  • It is important to stay at home. Make sure to isolate that person and separate all the utensils and other stuff.
  • Make sure to avoid other people in the home as much as they can.
  • It is essential to sanitize and wash their hands frequently. Ensure I cover the cough to stop the spreading of the infection or virus to others in the house.
  • Ways prefer to wear masks. Your mask should cover the nose and mouth whenever you contact the infected person or close to the quarters.
  • It is important to maintain strong immunity. Your immunity will help you to fight the coronavirus. 

Covid-19 Patient at home.

  • Ensure to stay hydrated and drink enough water so that your pee is pale and in clear color. 
  • Make sure to avoid alcohol at all costs. By consuming Alcohol will make you dehydrated, and this can worsen your conditions as well. 
  • It is evident that most COVID 19 infested people are prone to liver damage, and it can even worsen due to alcohol consumption.
  • Make sure to get plenty of rest. During your isolation period, you can take plenty of rest at home. It is crucial to ensure that you are avoiding any strenuous activity whilst you are not well.
  • Make sure to take proper advice from your doctor. 

Covid-19 Home Remedies

If you have tested positive for COVID-19 but notice mild or negligible symptoms, then you need not get hospitalized. 

Some basic steps can be taken at home to treat the specific symptoms. The basic symptoms of COVID-19 include fever, chills, cough, flu, headache, loss of taste, and a few more. Here is a list of medications that can be taken to stay protected.

  • Painkillers or anti-inflammatory drugs: being the most basic OTT drugs, these can be taken anytime you have flu-like symptoms. It includes Paracetmol, ibuprofen. Though they are not proven to be completely effective in curing COVID-19 related symptoms, according to the UK commission of human health, these can be used as the first line of treatment.
  • Antibiotics: For any infection present in the body, antibiotics play a major role, and therefore they can be taken at home to cure mild symptoms.
  • Anti-allergic: If you are experiencing a cough, some anti-allergic medication must be included along with other ones.

Final Verdict

Though, it is evident that there is no cure for COVID 19. If you are COVID 19 positive, you can only control the symptoms and against the virus by increasing your immunity. 

The best medication is to isolate yourself for about one week or until you are fully recovered. Those at higher risk or in critical condition, mainly the older people or people with comorbidities, need to get hospitalized for better progress. 
Make sure to consider every case, whether it is severe or mild, in your concern. Don’t avoid taking every required precaution and proper diet for your instant recovery.


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