Tired of lifting heavy weights? Worried about your health? Don’t know where to start from the number of exercises provided on the internet? Then this article will help you clear your confusion concerned with cardio exercises.

Cardio exercises or aerobic exercises are the most commonly performed exercise by people today. As the name suggests, it helps to promote more oxygen or air to the body. It ranges from low to high-intensity workouts. Aerobic exercise is specifically designed in such a way that all carbohydrates are converted to energy through mitochondria.

Another form of exercise can be anaerobic exercise which involves strength training and weight lifting. It requires a lot of strength and creates energy that is generated inside the muscle. Hence, it helps in building muscle mass.


Exercise along with an appropriate amount of diet can bring about magical results in the body.

  • As the name suggests, it helps the heart pump blood more efficiently and strengthens the cardiac muscles of the body.

  • It causes the lungs to expand more, causing more inspiration of the air and building greater lung capacity.

  • It keeps the condition such as thyroid hypertension at bay.

  • Strengthens the bones and muscles.

  • It increases the blood flow and relieves all the muscle tension and stiffness in the body.

  • Better than everything, it promotes your weight loss program to achieve your goal in a faster manner.

  • It eases out your stressful life. Spending at least 20 mins a day doing a cardio workout may bring significant changes in everyday life.


The various exercises can be done anywhere where comfortable. They can be outdoor Jumping, Skipping, swimming, brisk walking, stair climbing, step climbing. Some people also like it to be done in the gym on the treadmill, ellipticals, and rowing machines.


Whilst, people, can also do it under their roof by equipment freeway. The various way to do exercises Dancing, jumping on the place, kickboxing, 

  • BurpeesIt’s a killer cardio workout. It needs less space and only a simple yoga mat. It’s an exercise in which the persona has to alternate between plank position and jumping. Doing it for simply 15 mins can bring about a change.

  • Jumping jacksIt will take you back to the childhood nostalgia during the physical training classes. It is a similar jump with legs open and closes in co coordination with the hands. Simply doing it for 10 mins a day can help you lose about 100 calories a day.

  • Squat jumpsAs the name suggests, you start with a squat ad jump alternatively. Knee injury chances are more if done in the wrong way.

  • LungesThis exercise helps to build the leg muscles. They can be performed with different variations according to flexibility. It can be done by standing feet with hip-width apart. Extend the right leg back, pushing off with the left foot. And then do it alternatively.

  • Mountain climbers – It’s an advanced form of exercise in which the whole body is involved, especially the lower body part. Starting with the pushup position, choose the right leg moving forward towards the chest and the left leg extended backward with toes on the ground. Switch alternatively.


All body types are different so do their flexibility. Don’t compare yourself; start slow. With basic exercises, slowly build your fitness, then increase your intensity. Ask for recommendations from the trainer to prevent yourself from injury. Don’t push yourself off-limits.


The cardio exercises are the best-chosen workout as they not only help you achieve your weight loss goal and maintain your health and keep you away from medical ailments. It promotes your physical fitness and overall wellness. Stay fit and stay healthy.


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