Best Blogs To Follow About Health Insurance Plans

Life is unpredictable. Mishaps do not come with a warning signal. No one can see the future but they can plan for it. Being prepared will help your family. In the current covid pandemic, many people have lost their lives and innumerable people have been critically affected. Covid has not even spared many healthy people we look up to for tips. The cost of hospitals and ICU are on par with luxury hotels. Let us be honest. Not everyone can afford that. So, what do we do? Nothing or something? We obviously do something about it. We take health insurance. Now, the question arises, which company’s insurance plan should one take? For that ample amount of research is required. You can either take health insurance online or from a salesperson. We wanted to help you through this article by narrowing down your search. So here are the best blogs you should follow for health insurance plans.


If you are looking for health insurance especially for coronavirus, then this is a site you must visit. You can sign up now to get yourself enrolled in Marketplace health insurance for 2021. Through this, you can get many other benefits. You can receive excellent insurance policies for yourself, your family, and your friends. You can get health insurance with a special insurance period or through Medicaid or through the Children’s health care program (CHIP). The site will also ask you a few quick questions so that you can see plans with personalized cost estimates before you apply. You can also report changes in the Marketplace online, through phone, or in person.

2. Kaiser Permanente

This blog not only provides you affordable health insurance plans but also numerous tips and tricks on how to live a healthy life. They also give you the latest covid 19 information so that you can take appropriate measures. They also provide high-value and affordable health care services. They aim at improving the health of people. Do go through this site for your medical insurance and other health care needs.

3. MoneySmart

MoneySmart gives you guidance to make the right financial choices. With this, you can choose out of many health insurance plans whatever favors your budget. You can also choose between many policies and go for the one that you are comfortable with. With so many options you will definitely find the one most suitable for you. You can also compare and apply for the best financial products apart from health insurance. Truly a site worth your attention!

  1. Royal Sundaram

Royal Sundaram is a blessing for those looking for health insurance. They renew and help you buy health insurance instantly without any paperwork. The site promises to ensure quality service. They further say, “Each of our products represents our promise to best serve you. Our Accident and health claims process has received ISO 9001-2015 for customer service. We have won the ‘Celent Model Insurer Asia Award’ for intelligent claims management system.” Feel free to ask them for any sort of clarification on health cover and family floater health plan.

  1. The Triple-I blog

The Triple-I blog is a must if you want to know more about different types of information. It is well written and very informative. Hence, you can understand a lot about health insurance through this blog. This website will guide you about the insurance industry and the top and more affordable insurance options. We highly recommend that you go through this one if you are new to insurance and want to research more before buying one.

  1. Trupanion blog

Do you have a pet you absolutely adore? If the answer is yes then the Trupanion blog is a heaven-sent gift for you. The cost of veterinary doctors and health care charges should not be taken lightly. This blog specializes in providing the best health insurance for your pets. This site will educate you a lot about your pets and their daily needs and necessities. It has a variety of blogs on the behaviors of your pet and every interesting detail you need to know.

  1. Take Command health blog

Take Command health blog is a site you should definitely visit to dive deeper into health insurance. It will also provide you with true stories, expert insights, health advice and almost everything healthcare-related. You can count on them to clear all your doubts about health insurance and many other things. You can subscribe to them and get updated on new posts and blogs covering health care and other such topics.

  1. The Health Care blog

This site will provide you with almost every information you wanted to know about the healthcare system but were reluctant to ask. You can trust this site to give you all the updates, information and articles about all things healthcare-related. This blog will clear all your misconceptions and misinformation about health insurance and provide you with solid real facts. It will present you with true facts about covid and inform you about the myths related to it. This site should definitely be visited by those who are interested in the healthcare topic and concerned about their health.

  1. Insure blog

Insure blog has achieved a place in the top thirty blogs for the year 2020. You will receive a bunch of advice from professionals about health insurance and you will be very pleased with it. This site also has videos that will prove beneficial to you. This blog is operated by Henry Stern and Bob VIneyard. It also offers valuable tips on health insurance for senior citizens.

10. Insurance Library

This site answers the most frequently asked consumer health insurance questions. The site has answers from licensed insurance experts with a background in health insurance. Check out their blog to know more about them and their services.

11.Insurance Dodo

On their site, insurance dodo explains that taking the right insurance coverage can be confusing. They provide step-by-step guides to company reviews. They also answer questions in plain and easy English so that it can be easily understood and you get coverage, save money and get on with your life. You will get access to many important details and advice on how to handle healthcare insurance.

12.Candor Insurance blog

Candor Insurance blog is a go-to for affordable insurance offers. The site says, “Our coverage is built for small businesses and offers great premiums along with non-insurance benefit options for part-time workers. Enrollment takes a matter of minutes and relieves you from hours of tedious paperwork. You can instantly buy health insurance through the candor insurance blog.

13.Aha Media

Aha media group provides clear, informative healthcare content so that their readers can make the most important decisions of their lives. It is a must-visit site for everything insurance-related. They will solve your queries about health insurance for various illnesses, the best health insurance companies, the right individual health insurance and so on.

14.Finance Buddha blog

You can seek the help of the Finance Buddha blog if you want to educate yourself about health insurance and more things related to it. The language used to explain health insurance is reader-friendly and is perfect for getting health insurance.


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