Benefits and features of Online Teaching Tuesdays

Online teaching is the latest trend in today’s technology-driven world. Gone are the days where the teachers were required to visit the classrooms and teach their students physically. If you have Wi-fi and want to transfer your skills into an online classroom setting, then Online Teaching Tuesdays are just for you. It would help if you attended this rapidly growing field whether you are interested in part-time or full-time teaching.

The pandemic has completely revolutionized the way of teaching. Although it was considered that online education was the wave of the future, it seems that teachers have no choice left but to adapt these online teaching methods. However, not everyone gave the nod to online education. For them, it was complicated to understand what online classes are and how they can help them.  

You need to understand that you can’t achieve anything until you are ready to learn new things and apply them to your life. We have brought you a list of valuable insights about online teaching that will help you gain the attention of fellow students and make your teaching experience better. It will help if you consider reading till the end to get the best results.

Content delivery can be real-time or pre-recorded

When and how you will teach in your classes depends upon several factors. One of the essential factors in such a case is your online teaching situation and the methods your institution prefers. Few schools prefer only online classes, whereas others opt to choose a blended mode of education. 

Not only this, but schools also have to choose between synchronous or asynchronous programs. The synchronous program requires you to remain online and interact with students in real-time. In contrast, an asynchronous program requires you to upload the curriculum materials, and the students can access your lectures as per their schedules. 

Be prepared for a time-consuming session at the start

If you work for an institution that manages your curriculum, you will have less upfront work to do. Whereas if you have started your own classes, you still need to plan assessments and lessons as you would do in a traditional classroom. You need to upgrade your teaching skills to adapt yourself to the online world. 

Further, you also need to take into consideration whether the lessons can be taught in synchronous or asynchronous environments. You need to prepare a timetable allotting different activities, when students are required to work in a group, how the students will participate in each class, and how you will assess students informally. 

Communication is hampered in the online teaching mode compared to the traditional approach, as you can’t focus on every student in the online classroom. 

Technical systems are a must for online teaching

One of the essential things to learn before starting online teaching is the Learning Management System, commonly known as LMS. Schools and programs use profuse streamlined systems. Some of the most popular online teaching platforms include MS Teams, Skype, and Google Meet

However, many organizations desire their own LMS to customize how they distribute curriculum among different professors and classes. Here, you are required to adapt to these teaching materials and learn to work with these systems to deliver perfect lessons to your students. 

Feedback plays a vital role

It would be best to take timely feedback from students to ensure that students are getting what you want to convey. Students often remain in a hurry during online classes and log off earlier, restricting them from clearly understanding things. Miscommunication can lead to extra efforts for both the students as well as the teachers. 

It would help if you figured out different ways to take feedback from students. Conducting regular surveys and providing feedback forms might help you prevent any miscommunication compared to traditional teaching, where you can quickly observe students and see their expressions, faces, and body language to get an idea if they are getting things. Online education is somewhat different, especially if you are not interacting with students via video.


Online teaching can prove effective given that you are ready to adapt to the desired changes and give efforts towards understanding the Learning Management System. Feedback plays a vital role in the online classroom, and you must consider taking timely feedback from your students to remove the chances of miscommunication. 

We hope that the above paragraph will help you understand valuable insights into online teaching and learn about Online Teaching Tuesdays. For more information about education, technical systems, and related blogs, please stay connected with us. 


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