An Overview Of Top 5 Customer Journey Mapping Tools

Now-a-days, customer expectations for any product or service are increasing. Customers demand excellent service, and anyone who fails in delivering a smooth customer experience will lose customers right off the spot. This suggests that you simply need to intensify and stand bent to beat your competitors. Putting yourself within the customer’s shoes and seeing what the end-to-end experience is like is often made possible through a customer journey mapping tool. A customer journey map basically recounts the tale of the client’s experience, which starts at the initial point of contact through a long-term relationship and gives us basic data about key connections en route. By visually representing this process, you’ll begin to know which of your company’s touchpoints bring joy and which causes frustration for the customer. The customer journey map tools consist of different tools such as Journey Mapping & Visualisation tools, Customer Experience Software & VoC Software, and Collaboration Software to help users work quickly and efficiently.

This article will help you to understand and evaluate the best customer journey mapping tools and other experience mappings, customer mapping, and user journey mapping software.


This attractive web interface permits you to relocate symbols and text to characterize the customer journey. However, Autopilot is more than a planning device. As the name would suggest, it encourages you to robotize your promoting endeavors across different channels as per the client’s activities. Through the interface, you can not just characterize the experience, you can likewise mechanize triggers to customize the experience. Besides automating different touchpoints within the customer journey and providing intelligent, mobile-friendly insights, Autopilot offers onboarding and support packages for a further cost.

For instance, if a client picks in to a specific occasion through email, you can then automatically send a SMS or email update preceding the experience—this can be characterized inside Autopilot. The apparatus can likewise match up drives/possibilities to CRM applications, as Salesforce and Pipeline, and allows you effectively to portion clients by the channels they’ve cooperated with.


Gliffy is a web-based editor who helps to create and edit diagrams. Though Gliffy may be a bit too lightweight for highly technical diagrams, especially people who require collaboration to draft, it offers many simple features like Venn diagrams and organizational charts. With a free account, you’ll only make a complete of 5 diagrams, and every one of the diagrams you create is public. This suggests if you would like to draw something confidential, like company networking maps, it’s not advised to use the free version.

Microsoft Visio

Microsoft Visio is software used for creating a spread of diagrams and flowcharts. With this visualization tool, users can create simple or more complex customer data diagrams. It also offers a good sort of built-in shapes, objects, and stencils to figure with. The best idea behind Visio is to form diagramming as easily as possible for the user. Note: this is often a Microsoft product, sold as an addition to MS Office.


A simple-to-use drag-and-drop interface allows you to view a map of the customer’s journey and see the measure of their emotional experience alongside the prices to implement improvements. Custellence offers a one-hour online class to make sure that you simply can hit bottom running once you check-in. While customer journey maps contain essential data about a client’s involvement in your item or administration, they can immediately turn out to be excessively itemized and bulky for the non-UX proficient. To help improve your experiences for the leader swarm, Custellence gives a bird’s-eye see that allows you to choose the level of detail shown in the map depending on your audience.


Trello is a visual collaboration tool for planning tasks and projects. While agile software development teams are commonly employed, the answer is also utilized in other departments like marketing, sales, support, and HR. It works great for customer journey maps, too: Trello makes it much easier for teams to organize, prioritize, and create detailed plans. Users can add comments or attachments to ‘cards’ (which represent tasks). Trello integrates with various online applications, including JIRA Cloud, Bitbucket Cloud, Google Drive, GitHub, and Slack.


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