4 Ideas to Improve Customer Experience at your Hotel

What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you plan a trip? Of course, hotels are the first thing that pops as you would be staying for days in a new city or place. As a hotel owner, it is difficult to compete with another hotelier due to tough competition. Some hotels get advantages for the views they provide by customer experience, while others are making use of technology to get the desired results.

Guest Service is crucial for a hotel as it will be adding value to your hotel and ultimately inviting more customers to your place. It would help if you remembered that the customer experience starts way before the guests arrive at your site and doesn’t end even when they leave. We have brought you a list of excellent ideas that will help you improve guest service and customer experience at your hotel.

Optimization of your hotel’s website for voice search

According to research, people tend to rely more on voice search while booking hotels nearby rather than typing in the Google search. Voice search can instantly offer the best results for each query made by the user. All you need to do is wake your virtual assistant and ask for any help. It will make sure that you get the desired results within seconds. 

Now you must be wondering how you can improve your website so as to get the best results out of this fantastic trend. Well, the answer to the above question is quite simple. First of all, try to understand how people are using these voice search options. 

Generally, voice searches are more likely to be longer and include location-based “near me” phrases. You can add and update local listings, like “Google My Business,” with accurate information, and reviews will be a plus in such a case.

Give priority to mobile marketing

One thing for sure is that you will be ultimately reaching out to customers for making bookings at your hotel. Your customers won’t be willing to book your hotel using a laptop as it takes time and the process is somewhat lengthy. Alternatively, the viewers will be more attracted to an advertisement they watch on mobile phones and likely to visit your website for more information. 

Mobile phones are handy, and users can quickly visit your website even while traveling. Mobile-Friendly websites are no more a plus but a need for the hour. That is why, as a hotel owner, you rather need to pick a cohesive, multi-channel, and multi-device approach to reach travelers at different touchpoints. It will help if you focus your marketing strategy on mobile users.

Make use of Virtual Reality

Technology has provided some significant assets to outshine your business from your competitors. Hotel owners can make use of Virtual Reality to extend their hands towards transparency and gain the trust of fellow customers. It would be best if you remain updated with the trending technology and make use of it to promote your hotel.

Customers can place themselves at your place using immersive experiences such as 360-degree views and Virtual Reality (VR). Also, VR walk through your property, including your facilities, guest rooms, and immersive views, will add stars to your customer’s experience. 

Sometimes, the customers are not satisfied with the images uploaded on your website and want to confirm the room quality before making a payment. Missing out on Virtual Reality for your hotel’s website could be a big problem for you. So, you must ensure that your customers are getting maximum satisfaction using your website. You must make sure that you prefer a good quality camera to shoot the videos and the rooms are visible. 

Accept different modes of payment

While dealing with your hotel business, think about how a customer experience and customer would react to certain situations. For example, what if they would like to make the payment for the booking using Paytm wallet but cannot initiate the payment due to your hotel policies that accept online banking only. 

You need to be prepared for every problem and provide the necessary solutions to help the customer complete the payment. It would help if you accept different modes of payment and add other mobile wallets to your website so that your customers don’t need to change their plans due to your hotel policies. Some of the popular digital payment apps include Google Pay, Paytm, PayPal, and Phonepe.


The hotel business is much more difficult to handle if you are not familiar with technology and its advantages. You will be getting more bookings only when your customers are getting maximum satisfaction using your website. You can test and make sure which techniques are working best for your hotel and then make a fair decision. 

We hope that the above paragraph will help you understand the different concepts of providing the best guest service at your hotel. For more information about technology, business, and related blogs, please stay connected with us.


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