18 Personal Finance Blogs you must follow

People believe money talks … the only thing my money says to me is GOODBYE.” If thinking about your personal finance gives you the heebie-jeebies, we have got you covered with a top personal finance blogger to pave your way to financial freedom.

A Full Wallet is a Secret to a Stress-Free Life.

Financial literacy is still a foreign concept in a developing nation like India. With most of the population lacking basic knowledge to make the right financial decisions, finance blogs offer an insight that enables one to make informed investment decisions.

If you look for ways to enhance your investment returns, look no further because we have got you covered. 

Listed here are 18 revolutionary finance blogs that cater to the needs of the Indian public’s financial markets:

1. Jaagoinvestor.com

  • Jaagoinvestor is a Pune-based personal finance blog that helps investors improve their financial lives. 
  • It provides insight regarding personal loans, mutual funds, insurance, and other financial matters that tend to be confusing.
  • Jaago investor guides one in making realistic financial goals. 
  • Through their expert guidance and blogs about gaining financial competency, Jaago investor helps one achieve their goals without the usual confusion.

2. Apnaplan.com

  • Apna plan is a Delhi-based financial blog that provides special insights about investment options in mutual funds, insurance, and fixed deposits.

  • It caters to the needs of Indians as well as NRIs, specializing in tax comparisons, gold bonds, and the highest interest rates available for savings accounts helping one improve their finances.

3. Basunivesh.com

  • Apna plan is a Delhi-based financial blog that provides unique insights about investment options in mutual funds, insurance, and fixed deposits.
  • It caters to the needs of Indians as well as NRIs, specializing in tax comparisons, gold bonds, and the highest interest rates available for savings accounts, helping one improve their finances.

4. Bemoneyaware.com

  • Bemoneyaware acknowledges the lack of money management skill teaching lessons at school affecting one’s financial awareness, leading to poor decision-making.
  • From calculating your monthly salary based on your CTC to paperwork regarding will and nominee, bemoneyaware provides information about everything related to finance.
  • They understand the struggles faced by a woman despite the gender neutrality preached in personal investment management. They teach various money management skills and ways that cater to the needs of a 21st-century woman.

5. Capitalmind.in

  • With a spotlight on the stock market during the pandemic, it is natural to wonder where to start if you wish to invest. Capitalmind explains stocks and provides solutions to the most basic questions like should I invest?
  • It provides a comprehensive outlook on India’s digital payment ecosystem, helping one choose the right bank along with the appropriate personalized plans.

6. Financedunia.com

  • Financedunia is a professional blog that focuses on daily financial news.
  • It specializes in house loans, car loans, education loans, car and life insurances, and even day-to-day measures to manage your finances.

 7. Getmoneyrich.com 

  • Getmoneyrich values financial knowledge and has abundant resources to facilitate healthy finances.
  • It offers tools such as a stock analyzer, stock screener, and mutual funds comparisons.
  • Guides such as stock market basics and discounted cash flow of stock valuation can be easily accessed at getmoneyrich.com.

8. Investmentkit.com

  • Complete guide to drop shipping business from marketing tips to pros and cons of drop shipping work can be found on inverstmentkit.com.
  • It is a site that provides information about investment plans, money-saving techniques, and investment strategies.

9. Moneyexcel.com

  • If you are looking to start a business but need help with a business idea? Moneyexcel has got you covered. 
  • They provide extensive resources for stock markets, insurance, credit card management, income tax, along with tools like stock screener and much more.

10. Mydailylifetips.com

  • My daily life tips is a personal finance blog that provides tips and tricks about personal finance, investment, money-making, and savings.
  • If you are a wolf of wall street or a newbie willing to enter the stock market, this blog teaches you the basics of stock and provides advanced insights.

  • It has valuable content for various money-making and business ideas.

11. Myinvestmentideas.com

  • This personal finance blog is run by a Hyderabad-based certified investment advisor to create awareness among investors.
  • It has many finance-related pieces of information that range from retirement planning to small business and crorepatis business ideas.

12. Relakhs.com

  • The infamous personal finance blog, relakhs.com, provides investment information, money-saving tips, and stock market insights are relakhs.com.
  • What do you do in case of an emergency when you don’t have insurance? You seek relakhs.com’s help. 
  • This blog provides crucial information about real estate and housing.

13. Safalniveshak.com

  • Safalniveshak is an online guide that aims to teach the art of value investing and behavioral finance to facilitate better financial decision-making.
  • It focuses on teaching small investors money-saving tips and plans.
  • This blog prepares one against unprecedented market fluctuations and how not to let them affect one’s finances.

14. Smartmoneygoal.in

  • Smartmoneygoal is a personal finance blog specializing in EPF, Life insurance policies, and ways to maximize interest on your savings account.

  • SMG teaches its readers how to deal with the slow economy and availing government resources such as fiscal stimulus packages.
  • It creates awareness regarding must-have clauses in rental or housing agreements and essential investment advice for senior citizens.
  • Have you missed out on your last credit card payment? SMG teaches you to calculate late fees and additional charges.

15. Taxguru.in

  • The most popular website for people seeking tax information in India is Taxguru. in.
  • Concepts like tax planning, current tax ratio, budget planning, and other ways to maximize savings are taught at taxguru.
  • Information regarding tax benefits, medical claims, and medical expenses is available here.
  • In the case of a deceased assessee, one can learn about tax implications from this blog.

16. Cashoverflow.in

  • Financial hacks can be found on this blog related to income tax returns, travel tips, and shopping.
  • This blog offers practical guidance on money-saving without compromising the quality of life and things to do if you want early retirement.
  • With the growing interest in the stock market and crypto, find comprehensive investment options.
  • Learn forex trading and Intraday trading on cash overflow. in.

17. Tflguide.com

  • The finance literates is a personal finance website that offers personalized help with money and financial planning.
  • They specialize in investment and retirement planning, income tax advice, insurance, and mutual funds.

18. Subramoney.com

  • The blog is handled by Mr. Subramanyam, a Chartered Accountant by profession, and provides insights about mutual fund investments, market analysis, real estate tips, and financial planning.
  • Subramoney is the perfect blog for people who wish to know how secure mutual funds are and how to deal with them in case of loss.


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